If your finances are a cause of worry for you, you are definitely not alone.


As physicians, worrying about our patients can be a good thing. It signals the need to re-a ssess or the need to eyeball or get more workup done. It has served us well.


However, when it comes to our finances, it can be maladaptive.

In fact, the more you worry, the harder it is to grow your net worth and take steps that will help you bring your finances to where you want them to be. 


Plus time spent worrying is time away from enjoying the things you want to enjoy. 

Is it possible to stop worrying and start building your net worth?

Heck to the yes!

I invite you to join me and other badass women Docs ready to ditch money worries for good. You will be glad you did!



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☑️ The 4 core reasons why we worry.


☑️ The framework to help identify your specific cause ( hint, it may not be what you think).


☑️ What you can do about them starting today.
So that you can stop wasting time worrying about money.
This will free you up to actually take the massive actions that will grow your net worth.
Ok! I am ready to stop worrying !

In case we haven't met...


I am Dr. Latifat Akintade.

I am a practicing physician, mama of three ladies. 

I believe that every physician should practice medicine because they want to, not because they have to. 

I also believe that there is no real empowerment without financial empowerment. 

I created MoneyFitMD out of a need for a shame-free, guilt-free space, where we combine personal finance education with the cognitive tool that we need as women to confidently manage, have, and grow our money so that we can continue to create the impact that we want to create within and outside of medicine. 


I look forward to meeting you. 


With love

Dr Latifat

The money revolution coach for badass women physicians.