Are you burned out?
Are you overwhelmed by your finances?
You want financial clarity & freedom but unclear where to start?
It feels like you are going in circles and cannot seem to make headway?
You have dreams, goals but it just doesn't seem achievable?
You think that if money was not in the way, you would make different choices?
I am here to help.
I am here to help you in that transformation.  My life is a testament that this is possible.
My dream is that every woman Physician will be financially free so that we can pursue our dreams and live abundantly.
When we win, the world wins. Let's get started.

Get financially confident & transform with relationship with money through 1:1 coaching with MoneyFitMD

45 minute 1:1 coaching sessions with me, typically over a 3 month period. Transformational!

If you are ready to declutter your personal finance, knock out your limiting beliefs, transform your relationship with money and ready to start living consciously...

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Financially confidence in group setting

You want to join a small group of 5-7 powerful women Physicians ready to harness the power of your renewed mindset & support of other women. Empowering!

You are ready to optimize your personal finance & start spending, saving and building wealth on purpose.

I am ready