Do you wish you could get this money shit together? 

You are tired of avoiding your finances.

You are tired of changing the topic or hiding when the M (money) word is being talked about.

You have been hoping someone else could just take care of it but deep down you know that it is time for you to take charge too.

You want to learn how to manage it but maybe it feels so hard?

If only you knew where to start. 

You have dreams and goals but you are holding off on going fully in "because of the money thing"

You know that if money was not in the way, you would make different choices?

Spend your time differently.......


But thinking about your finances brings up those all too familiar money fears.

You want to learn the lingo, get your money shit together and watch your money grow too. 

That shouldn't be too much to ask.

Yes, you are correct. 

As a woman physician, there is no human more equipped to be good at money. You simply need to learn how. 

I am here as your guide and money coach .

I help busy women physicians earning clinical income, learn to take control of their money and build wealth without working extra shifts or sacrificing their well being. 

My dream is that every woman Physician will be free to pursue our dreams and practice medicine on their own terms.


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Yes, I definitely want to get my money shit together.

Get financially confident & transform with relationship with money through 1:1 coaching with MoneyFitMD

45 minute 1:1 coaching sessions with me, typically over a 6 month period. Transformational!

If you are ready for true financial freedom that gives you plenty of cash and the peace of mind you need to live life on your own terms, this is it!



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