The Financial Freedom Course  for The busy woman Physician

A complete 8-week money management program to financial freedom for women Physicians that puts you in control.


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The Financial Freedom Course  for The woman Physician

A complete 8-week money management program to financial freedom for Women Physicians

Physician burnout is at an all-time high.


Women Physicians are at the highest risk. Financial confidence and independence are important tools in our conversation and drive towards preventing, reducing and reversing burnout. 


In  8 short weeks, you will get the money makeover you have been dreaming of!



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 This course is made for you if you are a woman Physician 


You work hard to earn your income.
You know your money life could be better.  
You may be living paycheck to paycheck OR you don’t even know.
Your financial goals and wants are never being met.
You want financial freedom.
You feel stuck.
You wish you had more than one source of income but have no idea how.
Before now, you thought financial independence OR early retirement was not an option for someone like you.  

What if after 8 weeks, you can be in control of your own finances? You can retire when you want. You can practice medicine because you want to and not because you have to. You can get rid of those limiting money beliefs once and for all. 


In 8 short weeks, you will 


Have your personal road map to financial freedom

Have mastered the 20% you need to win 80% of your personal finance

Have a new money mindset that will create a life of abundance

You will actually have money left every month

Know how to diversity your income 

Be so financially confident that can trust yourself to make financial decisions

Have a plan on how to eliminate your debt

Ditch your FINANCIAL OVERWHELM so that you can practice medicine the way you've ALWAYS DREAMED.


You will learn how NOT to simply survive but



This is my goal for every single women Physician, irrespective of her specialty.

Let's end 2020 right and start 2021 winning!

I will give you your money back if you are not satisfied after 30 days.

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Dr Wong

"unearth my deepest, most dysfunctional money beliefs"

You helped me to unearth my deepest and most dysfunctional money beliefs, and to quiet decades of negative self-talk. In just a few sessions, I learned to handle the relationship issues that had stymied my progress in personal financial management for decades. And most importantly you taught me to love myself and to trust that whatever comes my way I will definitely be able to figure it out. 


Your financial money makeover.

Your financial freedom blueprint.

Simplify your financial life by power of  automation so that your savings goals are met even while you sleep

Eliminate your debt

Simple ways to invest like a pro without needing a PhD in Mathematics.

Minimize time spend on your financial life so you can spend your time on things you love.

Time management techniques that will help you stop late night charting.

Uncover your personal money story that may be the reason why your finances are not where you want it.

Learn how to transform your own money story.

Remove the chaos from your financial life through mindfulness.

Ensure that you are prepared for any financial emergency.

How to increase your networth

Learn how to earn more money without trading time for money.


You get all this, with the support of a cozy group of women Physicians in a private online group so that, we can break the money taboo and help each other recover!

Plus, there is nothing more powerful than women celebrating each other.

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Dr M

"I feel MoneyFit"

‘I no longer fear money, I no longer feel overwhelmed. I feel so organized. I like how I’m spending my money and I can focus on what’s important to me. I feel so confident. I know I have more to learn but I know it’s so doable. I feel MoneyFit."


Zainab K

"from paycheck to paycheck to money in the bank..."


“After working with moneyfitmd, I now have money at my disposal and spend consciously. I've never felt so worry-free when it comes to money. She transformed my mindset about money”

Who is MoneyFitMD?

I am Dr. Latifat.


Five years ago, I realized I was broke, overwhelmed, and living paycheck to paycheck. I knew zero about money and was too embarrassed to tell anyone. I knew that in order to practice medicine on my terms, I needed to work on my finances. I realized that in order to provide the kind of home and lifestyle we wanted for our kids and build generation wealth, something had to change. By learning the 20% of personal finance that I needed to win 80% of my personal finance, I was able to pay off my student loans within 2 years. After learning and investing in vehicles such as the stock market, diversified real estate investments, we are well on our way to early financial independence. 

My goal is to help women Physicians like myself achieve financial peace and achieve their financial goals without compromising time with family, things we love, and without needing to learn a language in gibberish lol.

I use my skills as a certified life coach to ensure that this transformation is from the inside out. My goal is that every single woman Physician will live well, spend well, achieve all her financial goals, and have choices within/ outside medicine irrespective of her specialty.

Join me in this goal as we transform medicine, one Physician at a time. 

Definitely let me know when enrollment opens
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Dr  Rob Bee


“I can't explain enough how grateful I am for receiving financial coaching from MoneyFitMD. I didn't learn about finances and debt while growing up and unfortunately had a significant student loan and credit card debt upon graduating from medical school. I paid for financial advisor services during residency but was advised more on life insurance rather than growing wealth. With her coaching, I've paid off all of my student loans and have no debt. My family has actual savings, investments, and a college savings plan in place. The next step is to explore other investment opportunities to create generational wealth.”


Taofeqat A

smashed limiting beliefs..."


“Like a lot of people, I had a lot of student debt. I was getting super comfortable with living from paycheck to paycheck- despite making a good income. Working with Latifat made me realize I could actually break that cycle. Now I can sleep better at night. No more mindless credit card debt. So glad I found her when I did. She will change your money life and smash your limiting beliefs.”


30 day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

After learning and implementing the methods I teach in this course if you aren’t completely satisfied, we will refund you the purchase price of the program.
I am ready for financial freedom

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