8 Weeks Money School for Badass women Physicians. 

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You are badass at what you do every darn day. You take care of patients, family and most times, you may be getting the short end of the stick. You already know that your finances need work. You want to be empowered. You want to know where your money is going and why it may feel like it is emptying out faster than it is accumulating.

Or maybe you want to diversify your sources of income but wondering how the heck that is supposed to happen when you barely have time to eat dinner and see family.

Don't worry, you are in great company.

We as women are resilient. We are brave. We can do hard things.

However, if we can keep things simple, why the heck not. This is exactly what we do. 8 weeks together and your financial life will never be the same again. So join us on the waitlist. 

By the time we start our next cohort, I want you to already be in a different place than you are today.

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