Is this you? You are a successful badass woman physician. You have decided that this is the year you want to stop dabbling & start living. You are ready to build your wealthy life.

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Is this you?

You are a woman physician.

 You have mastered the act of being badass at your craft.

Many folks would consider you successful because let's be honest,YOU ARE.

There is only one thing... you know that money is the next thing that you want to master.

You already have evidence that you succeed at what you set your mind to.

But with money, you know there is room for growth.

You already know that if you can sort this part out, you will do even more amazing things.

You will be able to live life well, on your terms. 

Maybe you have tried in the past and made progress OR maybe you have ignored it and let someone else handle it. 

Regardless of where you are starting from, you want more Financial confidence, Money Mastery. Net worth growth. 

As a woman physician, no human is more equipped to be good at money.

With the right efficient education, the right SHAME-FREE, JUDGMENT-FREE community of like minded mission-driven women, mentorship & coaching, I believe that every woman physician can get GREAT at money. 

The MoneyFitMDs inside our community are evidence of this. 

We bring joy, fun, kindness, and village mentality into money .... all with one goal in mind. 

To help you have and create wealth, so you can live life FULLY without BURNOUT. 

My dream is that every woman physician will have the financial freedom and liberation to pursue her dreams and practice medicine on their own terms.


Our one-of-a-kind MoneyFitMD community is for women physicians (MD/DO/MBBS) that are serious about growing their wealth and living an intentional life. If this sounds like you, then schedule a call with a member of our team. 

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The premier community for women physicians that want to have more control in their finances & have money without all the shaming, splaining and overwhelm. 

Yes, I am ready for 2023 to be my year of wealth building

Get financially confident & transform with relationship with money through 1:1 coaching with MoneyFitMD

45 minute 1:1 coaching sessions with me, typically over a 6 month period. Transformational!

If you are ready for true financial freedom that gives you plenty of cash and the peace of mind you need to live life on your own terms, this is it!



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