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Over the last 2 years, I have helped women, including Physicians, achieve their financial confidence. My dream is that every woman Physician will be money-fit, so they can live richly and follow their dreams.Like many Physicians, I went into medicine to help people. My plan was to practice medicine for a long, long term, with joy and fulfillment. I soon found out that there was a lot of burnout in medicine.


Physicians were losing autonomy, buried under bureaucracy, yet shackled by large student debt and other financial burden. I knew things had to be different. I began my journey of preventing my own burnout. I wanted the freedom to practice medicine out of love and not obligation. Saddled with a deep, negative six-figure net-worth, I knew I wanted more for my family. I needed to have choices that financial freedom can afford me.I had to get over my fear and anxiety about money and the many limiting beliefs about money. I needed to understand the basics of personal finance. After failing at traditional budgeting like a yo-yo diet, I now focus on conscious and intentional spending. No more rigid budgets or complex spreadsheets!Are you ready to live a rich & abundant life? Then let's talk! 


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The Financial Freedom for The woman Physician