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The only money community of its kind for women physicians committed to having true financial and life freedom without working extra shifts or extra calls they do not want.  
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Learn the simple & effective framework that our members have used to:

  •  stop overworking
  • pay off debilitating debt &
  • achieve true financial peace of mind.  

They are creating:

  • freedom
  • financial security &
  • bigger love and enjoyment for practicing medicine without burnout!
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The MoneyFitMD Money Coaching Community for women physicians

Have choices in how and when you practice medicine
Create wealth 
Make confident money moves
Build a solid and secure nest egg for your family
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Yes! You can become a money badass even if you:

  • Don’t know where to start
  • Want to live a purpose-driven life
  • Don't want to overwork 
  • first in your family to actively consider building wealth. 
  • You haven't been in charge of your finances to date

 You can become:

The CEO of your finance 

Build your own wealthy life.

Just like our members, in a way that is simple, and effective, without overworking.

Money becomes a tool you can have, enjoy, grow, and pass on for generations.    

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The MoneyFitMD money coaching community will teach you how to have money and have more autonomy by embracing your unique :


O-W-N-R framework


your life up to wealth

Find and change negative money beliefs that have shaped your habits and created conflict. Embrace a fresh vision of financial health. Hustling not required! 

Start to WIN 

with your paycheck

Gain understanding of high-yield personal finance. Hit your savings goals, and go from working for money to having your money work for you.


Apply targeted wealth tools and seize opportunities to diversify your income and build a 6 to 7-figure net worth over the next few years. Enjoy the freedom and autonomy that you’ve earned!


With yourself, your loved ones, and your money. Stop and uproot the fear of lack and escape the constant conflict. Unveil and truly enjoy the freedom and autonomy that you’ve earned!

What our Physician clients are saying

Dr. Tanesha

Emergency medicine

"..becoming more financially responsible has helped to transform me into a better version of who I am and who I am called to be."

MoneyFitMD has been the gift that keeps on giving. Not only do I feel more secure in developing a plan to becoming more financially free to pursue my own personal passions outside of traditional medicine, but becoming more financially responsible has helped to transform me into a better version of who I am and who I am called to be.


Dr. Diana

Pediatric subspecialist

stopped procrastinating on starting a college savings account, and started investing in real estate. I have been able to cut down at work and spend more time with my daughter...."

“Finances have always been scary and confusing to me, all I cared about was if I would ever be able to pay off my medical school loans. I never thought that was possible as a pediatric subspecialist! Dr. Latifat has been wonderful in changing my attitude towards my finances. She has helped me realize that I can learn the language and succeed for me and my family's future. I finally opened up my first finance book (long overdue!), stopped procrastinating on starting a college savings account, and started investing in real estate. I have been able to cut down at work and spend more time with my daughter.”

Dr. Emily

Primary care physicians/ wellness coach.

"I learned to handle the relationship issues that had stymied my progress in personal financial management for decades."

Your program helped me to unearth my deepest and most dysfunctional money beliefs, and to quiet decades of negative self-talk. In just a few weeks, I learned to handle the relationship issues that had stymied my progress in personal financial management for decades. And most importantly, you taught me to love myself and to trust that whatever comes my way I will definitely be able to figure it out.

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What do you get when you join

 The MoneyFitMD money community for Badass Women Physicians?


A Physician-Focused Wealthy life-building Program, Community & Network

(Get ready to change your life & live wealthy &impact generations)


TEACHING MODULES: Immediate access to our 8 teaching modules on growing your personal wealth as a physician. Each module contains videos that you can review at your own pace. The modules & materials are released weekly to avoid overwhelm. 

WEEKLY LIVE COACHING CALLS  FOR THE WIN: These deep dive group coaching sessions help you remove roadblocks, develop strategies and provide accountability as you apply wealth-building strategies.

PILLARS OF WEALTH GOALS: Tangible trimester goals to guide and orient you, so that at the end of 12 months, you will have accomplished more than in years past combined!

GUEST COACHES/ INVESTORS: Overcome one of the biggest challenges with investing. Who do I invest with? We invite carefully selected guests who coach and help build partnerships through investments.

UNLIMITED WRITTEN COACHING: Whichever time zone you’re in, you can check in real-time to get feedback on your progress within the group.

ACCOUNTABILITY:  Get inspired and supported through our accountability partnership

MSB WORKBOOK: Worksheets help you create personal step-by-step action plans. By the end of your first trimester, you will have the tools to create your complete financial blueprint & roadmap.

PRIVATE FB COMMUNITY: You’ll have access to a private, supportive community of wealth-minded, mission-minded women physicians. This group has time and time again proven instrumental in expanding your wealth-building resources. 

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Are you ready to extend your professional badassery into Your personal finances?


Do you want to have that inner confidence that comes when your finances are well-managed and growing?


Do you want to stop trading time for money so that you can... 

  • Cut down your hours at work and stop taking those extra shifts you don't really want to take?
  • Spend more time with your family?
  • Leave your children an inheritance even if you didn't get one yourself?
  • Finally, take that dream vacation without worrying about money?
  • Know what it feels like to take a random day off in the middle of the week to just chill?
  • Give more to that cause that gives you life?
  • Not feel guilty about spending on that thing you have been dreaming of buying when you "finally have money"?


 Take a Closer Look Inside the MSB Program!

When you sign up for MSB, you will receive immediate access to our course platform. 
 Your 12 month membership is structured as trimesters. Each trimester, you will focus on the aspect of wealth building that is of most value to you. 
You get lifetime access to our foundational money course.


Module 1:

How you got here 

• Identify your history/ past patterns with money
• Understand your default money psychology
• Understand your own money story


Module 2

Master the Psychology of money and wealth building

• Master the emotions behind your financial decisions
• Cognitive reframing, so you can create your rich mind


Module 3

 Debt Mastery

• How the wealthy leverage debt
• Crush "bad" debt


Module 4

Spending Mastery

• Create your spending plan even if you hate spreadsheets and budgeting
• Tell your money where to go
• Spend well, without guilt


Module 5

Money Management Mastery

• Create a financial system that will grow as you grow
• Simple, effective wealth-building tools to grow your networth


Module 6

Networth Growth Mastery
  • Create multiple sources of income
  • Stock market demystified 


Module 7

Estate Planning
  • Protect your income
  • Protect your family
  • Understanding the basics of Estate Planning


Module 8

Wealth Identity and Design

• Create your personal financial roadmap
• Create the financial life of your dreams


Surprise Bonuses include guest master classes that will help you:

  • Create more time in your day and work life
  • Negotiate pay raises and big-ticket purchases
  • Navigate touchy financial topics in your relationships, even if you speak different money languages

Career enriching bonuses include: 

  • How to Maximize Billing and Coding
  • How to Stop Charting After Hours
At the end of your first trimester, you would have acquired the foundation on which your wealth can be built. Are you ready to execute? Then let's go

  Maybe you're wondering if you can make this work because...

 You have tried other money education resources before. Some of our members have taken other programs yet many have found this to be effective

You don't have "a lot of time". I agree. There is urgency in your life. Why take forever to make money moves that could be done within 12 months? 

You have never invested before. As a master in medicine, you have the ability to learn anything you choose to focus on. You simply need the tools.

I totally get it.
This is exactly where I was a few years ago.
Hi! I am Dr. Latifat Akintade. I am a Gastroenterologist, money coach for Women Physicians and author of the bestselling book, Done with Broke - The woman physician’s guide to more money and less hustle

I went from $200k in  debt, ashamed & confused to a debt-free, 7-figure net worth with diversified income streams. 

I’m a certified life coach, money coach, and founder of MoneyFitMD. 

I am also a practicing gastroenterologist. 

When I started earning money as a physician, I knew zero about personal finances and was too embarrassed to tell anyone.

I was earning good money as a physician … yet buried in debt & clueless about finances. My husband and I had 3 kids and realized they deserved better. I realized that in order to be the kind of mother, spouse, physician, and human I wanted to be, I had to get past my shame, my embarrassment, and figure things out - while I still had time on my side. 

What I discovered though was that there was so much misinformation out there, and people were making money more complicated than it should be. Couple that with the fact that physicians seem to have targets on their back from people looking to take advantage of our financial situations.

Yet I knew I had to FIND A WAY! 

5 years later, we have achieved true financial freedom. My student debt is paid off, my income sources diversified. 

I now practice medicine not because I HAVE to but because I WANT to. And guess what? I enjoy it even more now. 

I am on a mission to help you achieve your own financial goals, without wasting more time.  

Everything is possible. It starts with making this single decision. 

I invite you on this journey together, so that you can achieve your 6-figure net worth goals and beyond.

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The most important thing one woman 

can do for another is to illuminate 

and expand her sense of actual possibilities.” 

- Adrienne Rich, feminist author


Get ready to finally gain financial peace of mind & lead your own truly rich life


Week by week, step by step, I’ll bust through money myths & break down financial concepts as you gain complete confidence & clarity about your money, your time, and your family’s financial future.

 Are you feeling ready to unleash your own money badass?

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This Money School group coaching program WILL NOT:


⭕️ Bog down your already busy schedule. You will not be bogged down by useless information. Everything in this program is the highest yield material that you need to grow your net worth.  

⭕️ Shame you for your present or your past. MoneyFitMD was created due to a need for a no-shaming, no-mansplaining zone. We believe your scars are part of your becoming an experienced money badass. 

 ⭕️ Be full of boring jargon and knowledge. We make money fun, joyful and possible for everyone. 

 Taofeqat A

I was getting comfortable with living from paycheck to paycheck -- despite making a good income." 

“Like a lot of physicians, I had a lot of student debt. I was getting comfortable with living from paycheck to paycheck -- despite making a good income. Latifat’s program made me realize I could actually break that cycle. Now I can sleep better at night. No more mindless credit card debt. So glad I found her when I did. She will change your money life and smash your limiting beliefs.”


The Money Coaching School for badass women physicians. 


So, my final question for you …


Are you ready to: 


Up your money game. 

Grow your net worth.

Create the rich life you want and deserve, without wasting any more time in the status quo. 


Your opportunity awaits!

THE MONEYFitMD Money Coaching Community for women who want to create wealth.


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