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You are a Badass Woman Physician. You are incredibly smart and hardworking. 

You have the grit. You have the brains.

Yet, your finances aren't quite where you want them to be.

Maybe it feels hard or you simply are wondering why it seems like some people have "figured out this money thing" and you wish you knew how to solve that problem.

Well... you are partially correct.

There is a missing curriculum in financial education for Physicians.

If money is truly 80% behavior/ psychology and 20% numbers, why is no one is teaching us "How to think about money".

lf you learn the how, you can create your own path.

You are in luck because, in this mini-course, you will learn the 4 steps that will change your relationship with money so that you can eliminate debt, create wealth and have the freedom to spend your time as you choose. 

You can learn how to have money, manage it and grow it, without the hustling energy.


It starts with changing your relationship with money.

This is the key to building a well-balanced, rich life as women Physicians, without the hustling energy or feeling deprived. 

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