Hey Doc, wanna create a financial plan that will help you never ever feel stuck again?


Around here, we call it The Financial Liberation Plan. 


Secret for your ears only: You do not need to be financially independent OR wait for age 70 to achieve that. I will show you how.


Join us for

The Financial Liberation Plan (FLP) workshop 

For Women Physicians only. 


Starting May 23rd, 2022, at 6pm PST

With Dr Latifat, founder of The MoneyFitMD Money School for badass women physicians.

Registration: Free

Where: Virtual ( Replay Available for limited time)

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You have been doing money wrong! Let's change that!


Financial education & plan for the purpose of retirement only can contribute to burnout or staying in an unhealthy suboptimal setting...golden handcuffs anyone?

Financial education & plan to retire early NOW can also contribute to burnout and missing out on the present. 


Ironically both of these options drive us to grind harder, hustle and burn out faster and harder.

We are sacrificing our relationships, time, walking on eggshells, afraid of losing our jobs and sources of income


Because we are told,

if that happens before we are financially independent, we are screwed.




You don't need to hustle harder or work like crazy.

You don't have to stay in a clinical practice where your skills and talents are not seen or valued.

You deserve to practice medicine in a way that is healthy for you, sane for you and creates the financial peace and purposeful practice of medicine you really want.

Because at the core of it, you have the heart of service.

You don't need to rush to retire early. You don't need to crawl and barely survive to age 65.


Financial Liberation is what we need. 

Both now AND the future.


You need a financial liberation plan (FLP).


It will take you from feeling stuck, hustling hard, to being confident and free.... truly free.


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What other women physicians are saying....


Dr Cara T.

I grew up with my dad teaching me that the key to having money is saving. You save a lot and over time, you will have money. That was my strategy. I always felt like I never had enough to invest. With working with Dr Latifat, I now know that doesn’t have to be the only option. I am learning to live well, spend well and I now actually have money to invest even when I used to believe I didn’t. I am closing on a 4-unit investment property soon and this is all because I chose to learn different, think differently and now my finances already look better.

Dr Nneka I.

It is almost like Dr Latifat has found the secret to money and she wants every woman physician to learn it too. My finances look so different. My credit utilization is the best that it has been in a long time. I am learning that I don't have to wait until all my student loans are gone before i start investing 

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What you will learn

Each Day will average 30-60 minutes. 6pm PST. Replay will be available for limited time within the private FB group.


Day 1: Identifying the factors holding you back


Day 2: Identify the unique success factor you already have but not optimizing


Day 3: The simple minimum numbers you need to know


Day 4: How to simplify and expand your income source


Day 5: How to maintain a state of financial liberation


(+ chance to get coached too)


Yes, reserve my seat.


The Financial liberation plan (FLP)  is a 5 step recipe that I created to help you be FREE today  (not 40 years from now).

So that you can be fully free to live life NOW and practice medicine ON YOUR TERMS NOW, without sacrificing your long term goals or short term life. 

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Meet Your Instructor 

I am Dr Latifat Akintade. I am a practicing Gastroenterologist and money coach for Women Physicians. I believe every woman physician has the capacity and capabilities to have money. Unfortunately we have been made to believe we are not good with money. We are taught to save crazy as if that is the only way to build wealth. We are taught to work hard, grind harder, avoid debt. It's no wonder we are more likely to burn out and have less wealth. 


The good news is we can change that. 


My goal is that every woman physician will have money and feel empowered financially , so they can practice medicine and live life on their own terms, irrespective of their specialty or herstory.

True wealth, without the burnout! 

It's a money revolution and you are invited to be a part of it. 

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