Introducing: Financial Freedom for Women Physicians


A complete, 8-week program to master your money, organize your wealth & create financial freedom, especially for busy Women Physicians.

Spring 2021


Starts April 29th!


Go from

“I know I should know”

“Finances are overwhelming”

“I don’t know where to start ...” 


“Empowered!”& “I live a rich life now.” 

Financial Freedom for Women Physicians will transform your apprehensions, misconceptions & overwhelm about money into feeling powerfully calm & confident about your family’s financial future.

FFWP is just 8 short weeks & it’s designed with your busy schedule in mind

The Money & Money Confidence Program for Women Physicians.

I will teach you how to grow your money intentionally, without overwhelm  and feel good about it.

We start Jan 21st, 2021



Financial Freedom for Women Physicians™


Experiencing this pandemic may have reminded you of the most important things in life. Breath. Health. Relationships. Traveling. Purpose. Dreams. Some of which you may have forgotten in the past. 

As vaccines roll out, you know that things have to be different this time. Less grind. Less hustle. More peace of mind. Less burnout. Less financial worry and stress. More freedom of time.

Behind that brave dream is still that worry and concern of how the heck you are supposed to do that without sacrificing more time for money.

When you’re ready to resolve this money issue (that no one likes to admit they have) and learn what they didn’t teach in medical schoolhow to manage and optimize your 6-figure income so you can truly live the lifestyle you’ve worked hard to earn—give yourself 8 weeks of FFWP beginning April 29.




Dr. M

"I feel MoneyFit"

“I no longer fear money, I no longer feel overwhelmed. I feel so organized. I like how I’m spending my money and I can focus on what’s important to me. I feel so confident. I know I have more to learn but I know it’s so doable. I feel MoneyFit."


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You Dream About Having More Quality Time  

But you need to provide. So you work more (long hours, extra rotations) to earn more but you never feel like you’re getting ahead & you always feel like there’s never enough … time or money

  • You know you earn good money but with your crushing student loan debt, mortgage, living expenses, food bills (because ‘take out’ is  the only thing you have time to “cook”) you may be living paycheck to paycheck OR you don’t even know
  • You know you want to save … for retirement and family vacations and to set aside a nest egg for your kids because you know they won’t qualify for financial assistance for college because your income is too high
  • You know you want financial peace of mind… and to feel confident that your money is growing and you’re building generational wealth for your family and philanthropy in your community   
  • You want to live like what you thought earning six figures would be like … you want work/life balance & to put family first; you want to enjoy the lifestyle you’ve earned but you don’t know where to start or how to empower and optimize your money

You want that quiet knowing & inner confidence that comes when your finances are well-managed and growing without you having to trade more time for money

**Lean in here

You want more money and more time to enjoy your life 

but you feel bad for saying that because nobody talks about it.

You’re not alone! FFWP is an 8-week group program 

that has helped many intelligent, 

busy women physicians—just like it will help you.




Zainab K

Worry-free about money

I now have money at my disposal and spend consciously. I've never felt so worry-free when it comes to finances. Latifat transformed my mindset about money.”


(8 weeks into the future that is…)


With Financial Freedom for Women Physicians™, in just 8 short weeks you will BE financially educated & empowered to: 

  • Spend free time with your family & not feel guilty like you should be earning/working
  • Own your money as a source of satisfaction rather than reason for overwhelm
  • Build your wealth confidently & trust yourself to make financial decisions
  • Step into your nature that isn’t “willy nilly” & instead treat your money with the level of care you provide patients
  • Lead your rich life & feel proud to have created it

The most important thing one woman 

can do for another is to illuminate 

and expand her sense of actual possibilities.” 

- Adrienne Rich, feminist author


The Financial Freedom for Women Physicians group coaching program WILL:


  • Transform your money and time, and your family’s financial future
  • Get you clear & confident about your money management … without the time or expense of investing into pricey private counsel 
  • Deliver you a robust education and step-by-step instruction into your financial freedom 
  • Teach you how to build your wealth without trading time for money 
  • Equip you with cognitive tools, financial training, powerful knowledge & peace of mind


The Financial Freedom for Women Physicians™ group coaching program WILL NOT:

  • Bog down your already busy schedule. We’re all physicians here, and nearly all (97%) of the women who join FFWP are parents. We get it, you’re B-U-S-Y and you’re trying to do less, not more! This 8-week program includes straight-to-the-point trainings that are manageable & will teach you how to do less while earning more


  • Feel like a “tough love” shaming of your financial situation/decisions. Listen, so many women physicians avoid talking about money because they feel like they “should” know more, “could” be doing better, “must hide” what they don’t know; I’m here to help bust those money myths & show you how to build up from where you’re at!

Get ready to gain financial peace of mind & lead your truly rich life


Financial Freedom for Women Physicians™ is the complete, 8-week program to master your money, organize your wealth & live the lifestyle that you always envisioned earning 6 figures would be like.

Week by week, step by step, I’ll bust through money myths & break down financial concepts as you gain complete confidence & clarity about your money, your time, and your family’s financial future. Class kicks off April 29!

 Are you feeling ready?


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Dr. Bee


I can't explain enough how grateful I am for joining FFWP! I didn't learn about finances and debt while growing up and unfortunately had a significant student loan and credit card debt upon graduating from medical school. I paid for financial advisor services during residency but was advised more on life insurance rather than growing wealth. With Latifat’s coaching, I've paid off all of my student loans and have no debt. My family has actual savings, investments, and a college savings plan in place. The next step is to explore other investment opportunities to create generational wealth.”

How does Financial Freedom for Women Physicians™ work exactly?

The 8-Week FFWP Program

(that will change your whole life)


MEET THE MODULES: Your initial Onboarding video will welcome, smoothe, and clarify all dates/times. From there, each weekly module includes 4 - 7 video trainings (approx. 4 - 10 minutes each) that you can watch at your own pace & review whenever needed

FRIDAYS FOR THE WIN: Program modules & materials are delivered on Fridays to fit within your busy schedule & give you the weekend for review (often the only time we physicians have for our personal matters!)

STEP BY STEP: Worksheets that accompany modules are to be completed weekly; they vary in time (nothing more than 1 hour). Worksheets are individual lessons that request your specific information; by the end of FFWP, you’ll have created your complete financial picture & plan

COMMUNITY: You’ll have access to a private, online group of women physicians who are “all in the same boat.” This group proves instrumental in breaking money taboos & drawing on the strength of collaborative support from women acknowledging and celebrating each other.

Here’s everything you’ll get in FFWP:

  • LIFETIME ACCESS TO 8 MONEY MANAGEMENT MODULES: Advanced financial training & easy-to-follow videos with money management education specific to your needs as a woman physician 
  • PERSONAL ROADMAP TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM: Your point-by-point map, created solely with your financial details and personal goals, that guides your best immediate & long game financial decisions
  • MONEY MINDSET MASTERY: You’ll learn the 20/80 Rule, time management techniques, investment & savings tools, and you’ll examine your greater money story 
  • LIMITED-TIME ACCESS to FFWP FB community. Thrive individually & with collaborative strength in our private community; weekly LIVE Q & A Coaching calls, financial tips & tools, real-time education 
  • DEBT ELIMINATION PLAN based on your current numbers & including point-by-point instruction to live debt free
  • LIFETIME & EXCLUSIVE ACCESS TO THE GROWING MONEYFIT LOUNGE: Join FFWP alumni & continue your progress together in this lifestyle enrichment group; enjoy guest speakers, bonus training & exclusive opportunities 




Module 1:

Taking inventory

• Identify your history/ past patterns with money
• Identify limiting myths/ beliefs
• Understand your own money story


Module 2

Psychology of money

• Master the emotions behind your financial decisions.
• Cognitive reframing.
• Identify the real cause behind your money pattern.


Module 3

Debt Elimination

• Rethinking debt to optimize building networth
• Debt elimination strategy


Module 4

Spending Plan

• Create your spending plan even if you hate spreadsheets and budgeting.
• Tell your money where to go.
• Optimize spending to avoid underspending or


Module 5

Money Management

• Create a financial system that will grow as you grow.
• Learn the power of automation as it applies to your


Module 6

Grow your net worth.

• Create multiple sources of income
• Understand and grow your stock market investments


Module 7

Estate Planning
  • Protect your income
  • Protect your family
  • Understanding the basics of Estate Planning.


Module 8

• Create your personal financial roadmap.
• Create the financial life of your dreams.


Surprise Bonuses that will help you create more time, negotiate better, teach money to your kids and help you navigate money in your relationships.

This will not only improve your finances but your overall life.

Are you feeling deep down that 

you want to end your financial chaos & uncertainty? 





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 Taofeqat A

“Smashed limiting beliefs..." 

“Like a lot of physicians, I had a lot of student debt. I was getting comfortable with living from paycheck to paycheck -- despite making a good income. Latifat’s program made me realize I could actually break that cycle. Now I can sleep better at night. No more mindless credit card debt. So glad I found her when I did. She will change your money life and smash your limiting beliefs.”

Meet Dr. Latifat: the Mind Behind 

Financial Freedom for Women Physician.

From $200k in loan debt & confused TO debt-free, diversified income, and leading the rich life I set out to create

I’m Latifat Akintade, MD., GI., certified life coach, money coach, and founder of MoneyFitMD. Because it’s one thing to earn a 6-figure income as a physician, but it’s a different thing to have the confidence to spend, save, invest, and grow your wealth.

I once knew zero about money and was too embarrassed to tell anyone. I was earning money as a physician … yet buried in debt & clueless about finances. Add in my beautiful husband and our three children (3 daughters!), and I realized that in order to provide the kind of lifestyle we wanted for our family, I needed to get educated about money. 

Using the same principles I now teach in FFWP, I was able to pay off my student loans within 2 years! I’ve since invested in vehicles such as the stock market, diversified real estate investments, and my husband & I are well on our way to early retirement, financial independence, and growing generational wealth.


Financial Freedom for Women Physicians™

So, my final question for you …

Are you ready to: 


ORGANIZE your finances

BUILD your wealth without trading time for money

CREATE & LEAD the lifestyle that earning 6 figures is supposed to feel like


Your opportunity awaits!


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Dr Wong

"Unearthed my deepest money beliefs"

Your program helped me to unearth my deepest and most dysfunctional money beliefs, and to quiet decades of negative self-talk. In just a few weeks, I learned to handle the relationship issues that had stymied my progress in personal financial management for decades. And most importantly, you taught me to love myself and to trust that whatever comes my way I will definitely be able to figure it out.

Dr Bruno

“For my family’s future”

“Finances have always been scary and confusing to me, all I cared about was if I would ever be able to pay off my medical school loans. I never thought that was possible as a pediatric subspecialist! Dr. Latifat has been wonderful in changing my attitude towards my finances. She has helped me realize that I can learn the language and succeed for me and my family's future. I finally opened up my first finance book (long overdue!), stopped procrastinating on starting a college savings account, and am looking into real estate investing.”

30 day 100% Money-Back Guarantee 

After learning and implementing the methods I teach in Financial Freedom for Women Physicians, if you aren’t completely satisfied we will refund you the purchase price of the program


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