here is a big elephant in the physicians room

In 2023, we are committing to destroy it and break the cuff it has placed on physicians for WAY TOO LONG. 


  • Yup, an average physician has over $200k in debt. 

  • Burnout may correlate with the amount of debt. 

  • Women physicians are at higher risk of burnout. 

  • We are at higher risk for being stuck in shitty jobs, situations etc. 

That is ME. YOU. US. 

 So if we want to ensure we are well, we have to ADDRESS that elephant - debt. 

Here is the crap we have been taught. Because you have debt, you should 

  • Work hard like crazy.
  • Work all the hours you can. 
  • Don’t do anything except pay off debt
  • Hate the debt so much that you can feel it’s like a choke hold. 
  • And after hustling like crazy for many years and working too hard for too many hours… you pay it off. 


Listen up. 

The thing is this, the current way of hating debt, teaching about debt and hustling to the grave is hurting us. 

AND if I am truly committed to physician wellness, decreasing wealth disparities amongst physicians, AND just being a human that feels the pain and suffering caused by the current state of affairs, then I have to do something about it. 


The Debt to Wealth Accelerator

This is NOT another class to come simply learn in. 

This is an experience like no other. 

It is a transformative experience  - if you let it. 


I want to join

In these 4 weeks, you are going to learn things that have the power to change your life forever.

At the end of our time together, if you are not screaming and wondering where the heck, we have been all your adult life and pissed that no one had taught you this LIKE THIS before, we will give you YOUR money back ( plus additional $50 you can spend on dinner while you vent to your best friend).

We are that confident in the transformative potential of what we are doing here. 

Oh, you get to keep the bonuses too! 

Because I want to teach you what has helped transform my own finances. 

Why the current state of debt understanding is hurting us as women physicians

The societal, familiar factors that have led us to this point 

How to take your debt from debilitation, overwhelming to organized, clear, and concise. 

The step-by-step to go from seeing yourself as a worried debtor to someone that builds wealth.

How to have a debt annihilation plan that WORKS FOR YOUR LIFE, not again you. 

Your Wealthy Badass you system - $499 value.  

It will show you how anyone can go from worried about debt to being a person that can control wealth. This isn’t someone we are taught at all in medicine. No wonder we feel unslaved to debt. 

Masterclass - $149 value

How to have money left at the end of the month EVEN before your income increases.

The building abundance - $399 value 

How anyone can create more money to achieve their goals faster

The visual debt to wealth motivation guide - $99 value

Two important calculators that have helped me pay off commercial debt twice faster than I planned AND how I used to it keep motivated

What others have to say....

This is a 4-part series - $4399 value 

Bonus checklists and blueprints that will help accelerate your learning and growth - $242 value

Singular goal: To teach you how to have true freedom from debt so that you can live life well and practice medicine in a way that is healthy and live your life freely in a way that is purpose and joy driven. 

Join now

What others have to say....


Latifat is fun and easy to talk to. She is inspiring and motivating---she was able to focus in on key points in a short period of time! It was great!

Dr. Taiwo Durowade

Learning how to see debt - not as a liability but as something that can be leveraged was my biggest takeaway. The thought of debt used to overwhelm me, but to learn that there are opportunities to work with it and use it was empowering. Also knowing about the amortization schedule and knowing how to set an end date was also empowering. Thank you for the value you gave Dr. Latifat.

Dr Rose

DWA was fun, informative & thought provoking. You can begin to change your money story in just 4 weeks time, imagine what can happen inside the money school!


The Debt to Wealth 4 week accelerator

Meet Your Instructor 

I am Dr. Latifat Akintade. I am a Gastroenterologist and money coach for Women Physicians.

I believe every woman physician has the capacity and capabilities to have money. Unfortunately, we have been made to believe we are not good with money. We are taught to save like crazy as if that is the only way to build wealth. We are taught to work hard, grind harder, and avoid debt. It's no wonder we are more likely to burn out and have less wealth. 

The good news is we can change that. 

My goal is that every woman physician will have money and feel empowered financially, so they can practice medicine and live life on their own terms, irrespective of their specialty or their story.

True wealth, without burnout! 

It's a money revolution and you are invited to be a part of it.