Want to learn how other women are breaking the mold through true financial freedom?
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Done with Broke. A woman physician’s Guide to more money and less hustle.

Do you want to create wealth without subscribing to the world of more crazy hustling?

Do you want to live your life on your terms, without having to worry about money in your lifetime AND for generations?


Maybe like me, you get very pissed off about stuff that is really jacked up BUT you are waiting to be financially free to NOT be stuck here. Maybe then you can start to make real changes? 


Or maybe you simply want to learn THE REAL WEALTH-MINDED way to approach your finances.  


Let’s be real, so many of us have dreams we are passionate about. We know deep inside that WE JUST WANT TO BE FREE because we would then be able to UNLEASH the power within us. Sometimes that power is REST.


You already know that if money wasn’t a THING, you would be choosing different, bigger, better, or simply breaking more shit

(in the best way possible). 

You are already a successful badass physician, now it’s time to be great at money too. 

The current financial miseducation isn't working for us. It’s time to get re-educated in a way that builds wealth,

This book will show exactly how to do just that!

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The current state of affairs isn’t working for women physicians.

It’s time to turn these ship around.

We didn’t get through a million years of training simply to live in regret. 

I am Dr Latifat. I am a board-certified Gastroenterologist. I am also the creator of The MoneyFitMD Money Coaching School where we teach women to build wealth without hustling.

Would you believe that six years ago, i knew zero about money.I didn't even know what a freaking 401k was. 

I had bought into the lie that I was bad with money. I thought i just needed to work harder and grind harder. And at the age of 65, I would (hopefully) be gifted with a nice retirement package. 

But as a mother of three children and daughter of hardworking parents- including a dad that died two years after traditional retirement age, i knew that living my life for the promise of a retirement plan ONLY just ain't gonna cut it. 

Over the last few years, I have learned a lot, and made many mistakes and achieved financial liberation WITHOUT working extra shifts or hustling to the ground. 

But I have also learned that our current financial education system is jacked up! It is NOT made with women in mind. It is NOT made with women of color in mind. 

After coaching hundreds of women and seeing the life-transforming power of what I have learned, I have distilled the most important points into these pages. 

And i am handing it over to you. 

Join us as women physicians saying NO to the status quo of financial education that limits us, shames us, and entraps us. 

We are DONE WITH BROKE now and in the future. This book with show you THE HOW.

I am on a mission to equip women financially, so they can be free to live life on purpose without burnout. We are already badass at medicine. Now it is time to be badass as money. Grow our networth, the wealthy way!

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