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You may know that I invest in real estate. I believe in diversifying income sources and especially passive income so you don't have to always trade out time. I owe a lot of the knowledge and skill to the Semiretired MD community. This is why I want you to check them out and save yourself $300 by using this link, where you can get on the waitlist.
Simply said, it works!
I took this course this time last year.
We started investing in real estate.
I actually co-led a 6 weeks Mastermind a few months ago for the semi-retired community, to help a group of Physicians grow their real estate portfolio.
I will be returning as a coach this year as well.
I sat with them last night to ask all the questions I thought you may ask about investing in real estate. Here is a link to google drive. Click to watch the recording. It was sooo good!
If you buy through the link provided: ( you have me in your corner to provide additional support along the way and I am invested in helping you grow in every way I can.
Plus, if you are on the waitlist, you get to sign up with $300 dollars off during enrollment- which starts soon.
Zero to Freedom is a course that teaches physicians and high-income professionals the entire process of investing in cashflowing rentals so you can create an additional, reliable source of income...
...because if there’s anything that 2020 has taught us, it’s how important it is to make sure you can provide for yourself and your family no matter what life throws at you.
👎 Pandemic? Check.
👎 Economic downturn?
👎 Furloughs and lay-offs? UGH, Check.
👎 Freakin’ MURDER HORNETS? Check and CHECK?!
Zero to Freedom doesn’t just teach you the exact steps for investing in cash-flowing rentals. You also get:
A special bonus module covering real estate professional tax status (REPS)! Achieving REPS is the secret to harvesting the killer tax loopholes that turbocharge growth and get investors to financial freedom faster.
Access to Leti & Kenji’s exclusive nationwide network of more than 200 experienced investor agents. Investor agents are hard to find—so you’ll save hours searching for knowledgeable agents who can bring you off-market deals.
Access to their network of trusted financial people: lenders, tax accountants, and asset managers.
An exclusive, members-only Facebook group where students can connect with other high-income investors, and share advice and experiences to help you navigate the inevitable (yet manageable) obstacles that pop up along the way.
Free 60-day access to Empire Builders, our membership site for Zero to Freedom alumni to continue their education and have access to our support.
So how do you get all that for $300 less?
You will need to sign up for the waitlist using this link (, and then click the link in the email you receive from Letizia & Kenji.
Of course, you’ll want to learn all about Zero to Freedom to decide if it’s right for you before you take the plunge. You can read here
But don’t wait too long to decide. The waitlist sale ends at midnight Pacific time on December 13th.
After that, you can still purchase the course! But you’ll pay full price.
If you have any questions, be sure to let me know.
The ZTF sale ends at midnight Pacific time on December 13th.
Dr. Latifat.

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