How to own "YOU" incorporated.

Jul 13, 2021

Did you know that every Physician is a business owner? It is called You incorporated.

Dr. Una is the founder of  Ivy League Pediatrics, a multi-site pediatric practice in Georgia. In 8 years, it has become very successful and has been voted ‘Best of Gwinnett’ six years in a row. She is also the CEO and founder of EntreMD Business school where she helps Physicians embrace entrepreneurship, so they can create wealth and practice medicine on their own terms. 

Today we talked about the importance of seeing that you already have a business, called You incorporated.

Why do Physicians struggle when it comes to business?

How can you learn how to identify and own the business you already have as a Physician. You know that whether you are employed or own your own business, your MD/DO/MBBS is a business of its own.

We share the importance of shifting from a place of disempowerment to a place of empowerment and how that is critical in this journey of creating a rich life. 

She is a treat. You absolutely do not want to miss this video

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