Mental Wealth - With Dr. Kathleen Young

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Your mental health is your mental wealth and physical wealth. There still remains stigma with seeking mental health care in the medical community. There is also hesitation with investing in mental health. How can we do better?⁣

Dr. Kathleen young is a mom and board-certified adult and child psychiatrist. She provides a broad spectrum of services including therapy and medication management. She is also a certified life coach and helps parents with children with mental health needs.⁣

In this episode with Dr. Young, we discussed:⁣

The importance of mental health.⁣
How your mental health affects your net worth.⁣
Scarcity mindset⁣
How do you decide where to go for mental health support/ wellness? Psychiatry vs therapy vs coaching.⁣
How financial independence is a tool for empowerment.⁣
Your mental health matters.⁣

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