Life Planning and Loving Yourself

Mar 01, 2021
When you lose a loved one, it can be a very difficult time.
In addition to the emotional part of this, there is usually a lot of paperwork and to-dos that loved ones are needing to take care of.
Today's guest in the MoneyFitMD lounge is extremely special.
When I met her, there was a presence about her that was very inviting.
We got talking recently and I found out that her late husband was an Interventional Cardiologist. She was gracious enough to hang out with me and share her wisdom from the perspective of a spouse.
She emphasized lots of important things including how having separated roles in the management of their finances played out for her as a stay home partner.
She is a beautiful, strong, woman and has now committed this season of her life to helping others love their imperfectly perfect life.
She is a mom, sister, friend, certified Life Coach, and just a joy to be around.
Listen in and hear her wisdom. You can find her at
I am also attaching a sample planner that I recommend for families to help organize some information that we may not otherwise share routinely.

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