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The ONE thing that stops women physicians from having the money they want

And how to fix it.

It’s not math. It’s not your income. It’s not genetics or skin color ( although racism and bias sucks and is alive and well). It's not your specialty.

 When: Feb. 28th at 5 PM PST or March 3rd at 3 PM PST

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Women physicians want to have money and spend time doing things that matter to them.


You can't have that without fixing this one thing.


In this 90 mins webinar, I will show you the one thing & break down how to fix it. In 4 steps.

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Date and Time: Feb 28th at 5pm PT 

Location: Virtual - Details will be delivered to your email.

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 Date and Time:  March 3rd at 3 pm PT 

 Location: Virtual - Details will be delivered to your email.  

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I am Dr. Latifat Akintade. I am a physician, Money & wealth coach for women physicians. 

I am also a mama of three young ladies. I believe that money, wealth and freedom are our birth right as women physicians.

The reason you may not be living in that yet is because of the jacked up education you have received about money from main stream culture, medical system and honestly most of our families.

7 years ago, I knew zero about money. I was living paycheck to paycheck on an attending salary. Since then I have learned money for myself, taken actions that have led to my own financial liberation. It has allowed me to practice medicine on my terms, including a year long travel sabbatical with my family where we have visted 19 countries over 10 years.

I have taught and coached many women physicians through The MoneyFitMD Money School for women physicians ( MSB).

I am on a mission to educate and empower more women physicians to learn money, grow their money and curate their own rich life.

You can follow me on The MoneyFitMD podcast by subscribing on any major podcast platforms you currently use. 

You can learn from me through our best selling Book, Done with Broke: The Woman Physician's guide to more money and less hustle( available on amazon).

As well as inside The Money School. Click here to learn more and complete an interest form. 

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